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Meet the Team



Axixa is a genderfluid soft/ethereal punk artist born and raised in Los Angeles, Ca. Axixa has been singing since they were in a crib. Axixa’s music is sweet and sultry as well as intense and emotional. In 2020 they wrote their first full song and since then they have built their skills as a songwriter and producer. Axixa is passionate about the music they make because they put their soul into it. The vocals are smooth and the emotion is palpable.



Mr. AOB comes from a long line of musicians and performers. He is originally from Los Angeles, California. The acronym for AOB stands for “always on a bag”. This means to handle your business no matter what it is and the money will come. MR. AOB aspires to change the rap game with his versatile style and rhyme scheme. He's ready to change the show.  

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